Axiem International Advantages

Blended Rate Savings

Axiem International offers its customers significant cost savings on Engineering and Design Projects by providing Blended Rate Savings. By combining US and Next-Door, Low-Cost Resources Axiem International will manage your team’s project to maximize quality and reduce your overall costs. Axiem also has the ability to offer an On-Site Team Leader, sitting next to your engineering and design team that can push work back to our Next-Door, Low-Cost Team in Mexico. Blended Rate Savings offers your team the flexibility to get your jobs done on-time and under budget.

Next-Door, Low-Cost Resources in the US CST Time Zone

Axiem International’s locations in Querétaro and Chihuahua Mexico allow for real time response from Axiem Resources, increasing efficiency and productivity. Axiem International’s Mexico Offices are only a 2-hour flight from Houston, not a 24-hour flight to the other side of the world. Eliminate flight fatigue for your managers and lower your company’s T & L Costs.

Experience Based Cost Structure

Axiem International’s Experience Based Cost Structure offers our customers the ability to pay for what they need, not what other Engineering Company think they should charge you. Need an engineer with 3-years’ experience? Than pay a lower rate for an engineer with 3-years experiences, need a PhD from Stanford in Viscosity, Axiem International has you covered.

Direct Hire At No-Charge After 6 Months.

Axiem International offers our customers the ability to test drive the best engineering, design, technical and operational professionals before being hired directly. If any time after 6-months if you wish to hire one of Axiem International’s World-Class Resources your company can do it at No-Charge. No expensive placement fees based on salary or commission, just the flexibility to hire the best professionals at No-Charge when your company’s budget allows it. Just another Advantage of Partnering with Axiem International!


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Arvin Bachoco Bosch Campbells CAT
Delphi Doosan Ford GM Haden
HDI Johnson Kelloggs Kodak Kosa
Lear Magna PG Pico Spicer
Valeo Visteon VW VW

ASME Standards

All drawings are completed in accordance with ASME

ASME Y14.1
ASME Y14.2 M-2008
ASME Y14.3
ASME Y14.5 M-1994
ASME Y14.6
ASME Y14.7
ASME Y14.8
ASME Y14.24
ASME Y14.35
ASME Y14.40
ASME Y14.100
AWS A2.4
ASME Y32.10
ASME Y32.2
ASME Y32.2.3
ASME Y32.9
ASME Y32.16
ASME B46.1

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Privacy Policy

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