Engineering Project Management

Management of Project Critical Elements

  • Quality
  • Costs
  • Schedule
  • Communications
  • Scope Control

Requisition Engineering

Technical Project Management for Conversion, Modifications and Upgrades

  • Order definition meetings with internal and external clients
  • Scheduling, monitoring and approving engineering changes
  • Quality approval of mechanical and electrical drawings and bill of materials
  • Material ordering and tracking
  • Providing field modification instructions for project execution at the customer’s site
  • Providing operation and maintenance manual addendum’s
  • Investigating Regional Directives such as EU, CSA, AMSE and others
  • Providing technical support to field engineers during outages

Systems and Engineering Capabilities

Cutting Edge Information Technology

  • Controls Engineering, Smart Grid-IT Code and Software Development
  • Systems Validation and Test Engineering
  • Automated Software Testing Tools (SQA)
  • Object Oriented Methodologies
  • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Wireless Network Protocols
  • Database Configuration
  • Shell Scripting on a Linux Environment

Life Cycle Productivity

Provide and maintain turbine services life-cycle data including configurations, design and part capability data in centralised locations

  • Operations Support: Provide operational support of Configuration Management processes and also key issues/short cycle operational needs
  • Unit Life-Cycle Data: Collect and organize all unit level, life-cycle data required to create  and perform reliability studies
  • Part Life-Cycle Data: Collect and organize all part level, life-cycle data required to effectively run a gas services business
  • Part Life Management: Support Part Life Program data, research, engineering definition models typically used for Contractual Services